A report on the spanish american war and its outcome

The same course should be pursued with all of this class; for, to arrest anyone believed to be guilty of giving aid or assistance to the insurrection in any way or of giving food or comfort to the enemies of the government, it is not necessary to wait for sufficient evidence to lead to conviction by a court, but those strongly suspected of complicity with the insurrection may be arrested and confined as a military necessity, and may be held indefinitely as prisoners of war, in the discretion of the station commander or until the receipt of other orders from higher authority.

Maine being sent to Cuba. For his part, Major Waller reported that over eleven days between the end of October and the middle of November his men burned dwellings and killed 39 people. All these things have been done at one time or another by our men, generally in cases of trying to obtain information as to the location of arms and ammunition.

This certainly was not in keeping with the spirit of "benevolent assimilation" proclaimed by President McKinley.

That the War Department has never made any earnest effort to investigate charges of this offence or to stop the practice. On April 20, the U.

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Smith, however, sought to punish the entire civilian population of the Samar province. Nonetheless, with heroics from the famous Rough Riders and other units, the war was never in much doubt and the US defeated the Spanish with relatively little difficulty.

All able bodied men will be killed or captured. First, the new Spanish government told the United States that it was willing to offer a change in the Reconcentration policies the main set of policies that was feeding yellow journalism in the United States if the Cuban rebels agreed to a cessation of hostilities.

His standard of humanity, his attitude toward witnesses, the position which he has taken, the statements which he has made, all prove that he is the last person to be charged with the duty of investigating charges which, if proved, recoil on him.

To quote the admiral, "Up to the time the army came he i. The US, which had many businessmen with investment interests in Cuba, became concerned.

While the Americans ate breakfast, church bells in the town began to peal. The result was that our picket discharged his piece killing the Filipino when the insurgent troops near Santa Mesa opened fire on our troops there stationed.

Spanish–American War

The War Department has not disapproved or interfered in any way with the orders giving effect to this policy; but has aided in their enforcement by directing an increase of food supply to the Philippines for the purpose of caring for the natives in the concentration camps.

You never hear of any disturbances in Northern Luzon; and the secret of its pacification is, in my opinion, the secret of pacification of the archipelago.

It will be the duty of the commander of the forces of occupation to announce and proclaim in the most public manner that we come not as invaders or conquerors, but as friends, to protect the natives in their homes, in their employment, and in their personal and religious rights. The most recent action seen by the army was fighting the Native Americans on the frontier.

To All Station Commanders: The Pacification of the Philippines At the outset of the fighting, American troops in the Philippines numbered around 40, but by this number had risen toNor can it be said that there is any general repulsion on the part of the enlisted men to taking part in these doings.

During the night it was confined to an exchange of fire between opposing lines for a distance of two miles. Nevertheless, President McKinley made it explicit in Washington that he did not intend to give up the Philippines once the war with Spain had been concluded: In this case, a letter written in November by one Sergeant Riley described an interrogation torture procedure used on Filipino captives: Shipping firms that had relied heavily on trade with Cuba now suffered losses as the conflict continued unresolved.

That the statements of Mr. By earlytensions between the United States and Spain had been mounting for months.

The US blamed a Spanish mine.

The seizure of the Philippines by the United States, however, was not unplanned. On Thursday, March 29, eighteen of my company killed seventy-five nigger bolo men and ten of the nigger gunners.- The Spanish American War Hi I'm doing my report on the Spanish American War.

In the following pages I will be giving information on how and why the war started, major battles, and. U.S. WAR CRIMES IN THE PHILIPPINES. of the Philippine Islands came about as a result of military operations against the Spanish Empire during the Spanish-American war of The seizure of the Philippines by the United States, however, was not unplanned.

44d. The Spanish-American War and Its Consequences

This report was released on August 29, under the title Secretary Root's. The Spanish-American War, The Spanish-American War of ended Spain’s colonial empire in the Western Hemisphere and secured the position of the United States as a Pacific power. Mar 06,  · What was the outcome of the Spanish-American War?

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A short summary of 's The Spanish American War (). This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of The Spanish American War ().

The Spanish-American War and Its Consequences Americans aboard the Olympia prepare to fire on Spanish ships during the Battle of Manila Bay, May 1, The United States was simply unprepared for .

A report on the spanish american war and its outcome
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