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A child of eleven when the Germans first entered her city in eastern Poland and she lost her father. As a witness to our tragedy I have related my story and the story of the Jewish community in our area both during and immediately after the war, in my autobiographical book Alicia-My Story which has been published by Bantam Books, Inc.

Alicia: My Story

This is a memoir about a young brave and a courageous girl who helped herself and other Jews. Christopher Awards are given each year to recognize the creative writers, producers and directors who have achieved artistic excellence in films, books and television specials affirming the Highest Values of the Human Spirit.

Most important, I tell the story of how we did fight back during those years…the story of brave people, mostly children, who did not survive to tell the story themselves.

Alicia: My Story Book Summary and Study Guide

A Alicia my story summary of fifteen, orphaned and alone when Germany was finally defeated. I have to know. She was the only one left in her family.

Maybe God is crying with us, for he has lost so many people he also loved. Alicia, called Ada in her childhood, was comfortably raised as the only daughter of a Jewish owner of a fabric business in Buczacz, Poland, a small town with a Jewish community comprising one-third of the population.

From Wikipedia, courtesy of Ms. My Story This is a memoir of Alicia. But Alicia also writes of the environment in which she found herself.

A paperback edition was published in January and has been reprinted many times to date. However, all comfort ceased when the Nazis invaded Poland, eventually leading to the deaths of all Alicia writes of those years as she saw them… through the naive eyes of a child initially; later through the somewhat street-wise eyes of an adolescent, forced to mature before her time.

Her only redemption is to be found in helping the others that have shared her misfortune. It is not necessary because I speak about my own experiences.

After more trials and tribulations, she herself eventually made her way to Israel, where she met and married an American soldier, who brought her to America.

She even started her own orphanage for Jewish children. He and other prominent Jewish businessmen disappeared that day. Thirteen-year-old Alicia escapes her captors, fleeing through fields and woods, encountering fellow refugees and occasionally finding safe harbors.

Still, public libraries should consider. Many collaborated with the Germans, very few protested. Inwhen the Nazis seize Alicia Jurman, her mother, and her only surviving brother, they vowed to meet again in their Polish hometown.

He is alone as we are, and as lost as we are. It would have been simpler to write only of her own experience, set against a background of faceless oppressors and horror. This is a potentially useful addition to Holocaust literature, for although she never experienced the death camps, Appleman-Jurman lived in constant peril and managed to survive only through an extraordinary combination of luck and street sense.

At fifteen she leads Jews by an underground route from Poland to freedom in Palestine. Alicia Appleman-Jurman writes of her own experiences as a very young girl. Soon after, her one remaining and eldest brother, Zachary, was executed for leading a resistance movement.

The next member of her family to disappear was her middle brother Bunio, who, while out gathering wood for the stove, was rounded up with other strong, young boys and sent to the labor camp Borki Wielki. Between the ages of ten and 15, she suffered terrible hardships and encountered numerous brushes with death.

Unfortunately, the heavy use of dialogue reconstructed more than 40 years later has an unsettling effect on the mood and plausibility of this interesting and frequently horrifying survival narrative. Can you imagine how you might have acted under those same circumstances?

Soon, everyone in her family was killed except her mother and her. Inshe marries an American in Haifa and moves to the United States.

Unfortunately, this changed on September 1,when German troops invaded Poland, and she would gradually have her whole family brutally wrenched from her. What prompts such selfless bravery as that of Jules and Sala Gold?

We were married in and came to the United States in While thirteen-year-old Alicia flees the Nazis through the forests and wheat fields of Poland toward Buczacz, where she lived, she rescues Jews from the grip of the Gestapo, leading them to safe hideouts and offering them her scraps of food, her courage, and her hope.

Capable of rallying others, she eventually heads a group who settle in Palestine. Book Review Many books have been written about the tragic events which took place during the Second World War in those parts of Europe that were occupied by Germany and governed by adherents of the Nazi party and their collaborators.

Do you believe that hostility toward Jews has declined in post-war Eastern Europe?Free Essay: The main character in this story is a Jewish girl named Alicia. When the book starts she is ten years old, she lives in the Polish town of. Alicia: My Story Not since The Diary of Anne Frank has a young voice so vividly and poignantly expressed the potential for humanity and heroism in the face of Nazi brutality, as does Alicia Appleman-Jurman in her autobiography, a young girl’s story of courage and honor in a world ravaged by war.

Alicia Jurman's real-life memoir is a horrifying and heart-wrenching account, in the same spirit of the Diary of Anne Frank, and its a story that people should know. The review of this Book prepared by Daniel. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Alicia My Story Chapter Summary.

Alicia - Chapters 1 - 3: Before the War; Life Under the Russians; The German Occupation Summary & Analysis Alicia Appleman-Jurman This Study Guide consists of approximately 31 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Alicia.

Includes the children’s story "Six Cherry Blossoms" along with stories that take place both before and after the events in "Alicia:My Story". Book Review Many books have been written about the tragic events which took place during the Second World War in those parts of Europe that were occupied by Germany and governed by adherents of the Nazi.

Alicia my story summary
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