Disney write a letter to sofia the first

We would continue to stay in touch by writing letters to each other weekly. Friendship is all about helping each other. Sofia the First has always been one of my favorite characters because of the qualities and values she embodies. Children love to mimic what we do, so why not show them how we share exciting family news with our favorite people.

For more customizable Sofia the First letter writing stationary, head over to DisneyJunior. Any letter sent to Sofia will receive a royal response from Sofia back in the mail! Dear Sofia Box New York, NY Sofia the First is a good show for our growing little ones, she shares and teaches about qualities like friendship, bravery, courage, curiosity, creativity, and adventure.

We had paper crowns and tiaras for the kids to wear, but you can always have the kids make their own. From my observations, the parents were really excited to be able to share in this experience with their child.

Preemie wrote a letter too — I may have helped a bit. Recently, we hosted a Sofia the First DearSofia letter writing party and had so much fun hanging out with friends, eating snacks and being creative together. He took each Dear Sofia letter and rode off — in his coche, to Enchancia to safely deliver them to Sofia the First.

Write a Letter to Sofia the First + Special Episodes

You can write a letter to Sofia too, go to to download your own stationary and then send to this address: All letters must be sent by December 31, Nowadays, kids are only learning shorthand versions of writing, because they start out learning to keep their messages brief when sending messages through text.

Writing a letter to a Disney Princess encourages creativity. I started with purple frosting for the cupcakes and added white pearl sixlets for decoration. The Secret Library featuring a special appearance by Merida from Brave! The one on one moment created through the learning experience was a bonding one.


That is such a cool way to get kids writing and being creative. Once you get kids going on writing a letter, the creativity just flows. The chips were hiding in the back of the table, but up front you can also see our silver and purple gum balls and a ham and cheese cracker plate.

I received party goods and compensation for hosting a Dear Sofia Letter Writing party and sharing the information above. Letter writing is such a lost art form. Your child writes a Dear Sofia Letter, you pop it into the mail, and Sofia will send one back personalized for your child. I remember learning the proper way to compose a letter in school and taking that information with me throughout my life, even now when composing emails.

That is such a sad consequence for this generation. Regardless, I only share products that I truly believe in and use for my family, that I feel will be a good fit for you the reader.For more letter writing stationary or templates you can visit the Dear Sofia page on Disney Junior.

Sofia the First Stationary For #DearSofia Letter Writing Disclosure: I recently hosted a sponsored #DearSofia letter writing party in my home. Sofia the First. said if she writes and sends a letter to her, then Sofia will write one back.

How cool is that? That is such a cool way to get kids writing and being creative. Disney Junior is hoping to inspire the youngest of kids to bring the art of the handwritten letter by Writing a Letter to Sofia the First!

If your child wants to write a letter to Sofia the First, have them put the pen to the paper! Our aim was for the girls to experience the true pleasure of letter writing, as well as engender the very qualities that our party’s inspiration, Sofia the First, embodies herself, qualities like friendship, courage, curiosity, creativity, and adventure.

Sofia is a little girl, a commoner, until her mom marries the king and suddenly she's royalty.

Disney Junior Big Air Adventure Join Sofia the First for her bold new adventures in Enchancia! Watch Now. Trick or Treat Box This is the perfect trick or treat box for a happy Halloween!

See More. Sofia's Candy Cane Wreath. Design stationery and write a personalized letter to send to Princess Sofia!

Disney write a letter to sofia the first
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