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As a DVD player, this Sony is fairly modest in features. Programmed recordings will not start while dubbing.

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It can also be used to remove commercials from a network program. For those that have it, it looks to be a fairly simple way to program recordings select the show in the listing grid.

The maximum speed only applies when fast dubbing. However, during a recording, the only editing function available is changing a title name. Beyond some playlist editing features that only work with DVD-RW media, the three primary editing functions are changing the title name, erasing the title completely, and erasing a section of the title A-B erase.

Despite its spartan playback options, it is very good at reading damaged, defective, and marginal DVDs something an old Sony DVD player I have is horrible at. The TV Guide system is supposed to download program listing information while the recorder is turned off.

Because the encoder can only work at real-time speed, non-fast dubs are pretty inconvenient, especially considering the fact that while dubbing, you can do basically nothing with the recorder. I must and prefer to use manual timer recording, which is still done through the TV Guide system screens.

They are described in the manual by the approximate length of video that one can store on a single DVD, and on the hard drive.

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You can toggle the angle and subtitles with a button press. The difference between adjacent quality modes is difficult to detect. That means that only recordings which fit on a single DVD without being re-encoded can be dubbed in fast mode e.

Fast dubbing is only available when copying the video data directly from the hard drive to DVD, which means no quality conversions. All play controls are available when selecting the start and end points. It is not, however, a perfect design.

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Dubbing allows copying between the hard drive and DVD. When a conversion is required or chosenthe recorder re-encodes at real-time speed.

PAL(European) Tape to NTSC(American) DVD conversion in NYC.

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Imovie finalize project
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