Inclusive play

Not a single design is perfect; they could each be improved upon. Designers have considered the widest spectrum of users where elevated composite structures provide multiple means of access including climbers, ladders, stairs, transfer systems and ramps.

In this complicated world that we live in, the playground is a safe and common place for children to come together, to discover the value of play, to learn Inclusive play each other, to recognize their similarities and differences, to meet physical and social challenges, to leave comfort zones and evolve into the little young people they are meant to be.

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Recommendations have included assertions, some based on research, some based only on opinion. For almost 20 years, Special Olympics has offered sports teams that blend people with and without intellectual disabilities, and this is a model that encourages sports and fun, and which also gets people together to learn Inclusive play about each other.

Tolerance for Error Is it okay for the user to make a mistake without getting hurt?

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Therefore, planners must consider that where the same means of access, like a ladder, is not usable by everyone, an equivalent mean, like a ramp, is necessary. One design team has addressed the "boring" standard transfer system design by transforming it into a mountain.

North Carolina State University. While Baby Bear is using the spring pole on the right which is designed for little feet, Big Daddy Bear can plant his big feet firmly on the spring pole on the left and the two can play side by side. The principle of low physical effort emphasizes design where individuals can use the environment with little exertion or fatigue.

According to the U. The Principles of Universal Design, Version 2. The principle of perceptible information considers that people learn in various modes.

During interviews with parents and adult caregivers, the majority did not perceive the "steps" as a component intended for transfer from the assistive device to bump up from step to step to use the elevated play components NCA, They have an expectation that they will be able to access public spaces with their family members and friends as a fact rather than an exception to the rule.

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Designers that acknowledge this fact and plan appropriately are more likely to output a final product that is effectively usable by a greater number of people than a design that is aimed at accommodating only the "average" size user in the population.

How many accessible ground level play activities?

Inclusive Play

Where have you encountered examples of Universal Design—instances where the design was driven to meet the needs of the widest spectrum of users? The lack of attention or creativity to the design is a lost opportunity for the design team to facilitate imaginative play. Only shoulder-to-shoulder, as teammates together, can we defeat it.

When the route is designed to the "average" size of all users, the population in the upper and lower quartile ranges, likely 50 percent of the total population, may be excluded from use of the design. It aims to exceed minimum standards to meet the needs of the greatest number of people.

In addition, the entire surface of the playground utilizes an accessible unitary surface that is firm and stable. This article contains images of play components from several manufacturers.


To only provide transfer steps or climber to an elevated structure ignores the principle of equitable use and segregates groups at a play component that could offer tremendous play opportunities and play value. For example, playground owners often install a welcome sign at the entrance to the playground which states common safety considerations and explains the age range for intended users.

The natural cascade landscape at the site was used as the backdrop for a boardwalk to the elevated platform.

Safe, fair and inclusive sport

When the planning team only shoots to meet the minimum requirements, play value is ignored and our children lose out in the process. The Principles of Universal Design were developed by a consortium of universal design researchers and practitioners.

PiPA will help you understand a wide range of disabilities without being an expert, ensuring you offer the best inclusive provision. As examples are discussed below, reflect on your own experiences with various playground environments. What a breathtaking view! Some people are visual learners, some auditory, some experiential.

Universal design is inclusive design where families and friends enter and use the facility together. Contact Us Inclusive Play We design outdoor play products that allow all children to play together.

Inclusive Playgrounds

One of the pitfalls of accessible playground design has been the addition of transfer steps, ramps and platforms that scream "BORING, Accessible Design.AIM Inclusive Play is a set of sensory and educational play resources to support inclusive practice within pre-school settings.

This website supports the appropriate and effective use of these resources. SWIFT Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation.

Leading the nation in equity-based MTSS and inclusive education research and services. Yalp Sona play arch. The Yalp Sona contains of a big arch placed on a wheel-chair accessible play floor with a diameter of 3,8 meters.

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They play a crucial role in helping keep sport safe, fair and inclusive. Here are a number of tools and resources to help you do just that.

Inclusive play
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