Independent novel study writing activities

When the novel is finished have students create a plot diagram. Interview a Character - Have students create interview questions for a mock interview with a character. Students got together in pairs and wrote a short advertisement for the book they were reading we did this for individual novel studies, not a whole class read aloud.

After they were completed we voted on the one we liked the best.

Activities to Use for Any Novel Study

As major events happened we added them to the timeline. Create a "Wanted Poster" for a main character. Write a job application for a character and fill it in. You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. Recreate an event from the story - This is another hit with my students every time!

Write a letter to a character - Students got to be themselves this time and write a letter to a character of their choosing. Share your novel study activity ideas in the comments below! By signing up you will get access to teaching ideas, tips, blog updates and exclusive FREE resources!

For example, in City of Ember, light is important. This one is a really great drama activity! Design a New Cover! But I also chose characters with lesser roles as well and sometimes those diary entries got the best responses. This was another favourite activity for my students.

We did this in art class for City of Ember and used pastels. We did this during our letter writing unit so it gave them some extra practice.

We found this helpful during our small group discussions as students would pose questions or share their wonderings Some students used a venn diagram to compare and others wrote in paragraph form. My students looooved this book! Diary Entries - Throughout the novel, I had students write diary entries from the point of view of various characters.

There are many on You Tube as well. That was a blast!

Act out a scene - Divide your class into groups and assign each group a different scene to act out. I mean, every day they would ask, "Mrs. I did warn them ahead of time NOT to watch the movie until we finished the book, because the movie is no where near as good! I would love to hear from you!

It was so interesting to see the differences and similarities in what students were visualizing. Tweet the Author - Many authors will respond to tweets from their readers. Rewrite the Ending - Sometimes kids and adults are disappointed with the ending because it may or may not be how they envisioned the story ending.

Throughout the novel, I included various types of comprehension questions like inferring, making connections, visualizing, predicting etc.Independent Novel Study – V Many of the activities listed below require a significant amount of writing.

For each activity that involves writing, you should follow the writing process to create an outline of what you need to say is created. You should be able to produce your outlines and rough drafts if your teacher asks to see them.

Independent Novel Study The following are activities t o be completed for your novel. Alternative activities that demonstrate learning in each part will be considered as long as the student discusses the idea ahead of time with Mrs McKie.

Part 1: Novel Selection Writing has a flow and rhythm. Sentences add interest to text. Conventions. NOVEL STUDY (INDEPENDENT) - GRADE 8 ALL WORK FOR NOVEL STUDY THAT IS IN PRINT FORM, MUST BE COMPLETED ON THE COMPUTER.

1. Write the name of your novel and the author. Activities to Use for Any Novel Study Each year I like to do a different novel study with my students. This year I chose the book, "The City of Ember" because it fit in nicely with my science and social studies units (Light and Sound for science and Ancient Civilizations for social studies).

! 1! Independent Novel Study Following are activities to be completed for your novel. The use of technology is encouraged, although not required, in the completion of activities and may include web pages, blogs, text, or multi-media.

Independent Reading Guide: The Novel Use a teaching guide that helps students analyze the elements of novels, their responses to .

Independent novel study writing activities
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