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Price of Raw Materials — the increasing raw material price will affect negatively to the price increment. Teses issues reflect concerns expressed across the pharmaceutical industry—the necessity of finding replacements for billion dollar products as they mature represents an daunting task.

Consumer, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices and Diagnostics, each of which has more departments in a command. The products of these big segments are prepared and these are also provided to the clients in their local markets. This diversification allows a wider range of choice when pursuing opportunities with the greatest growth prospects.

The company has high dependence on the revenue of Risperdal and CNS. Threats Dependence on successful product launch — the development of new product is hugely impacted by government approvals.

The current Technological developments with bio-tech concepts as well as development of medicinal technology, the traditional pharmaceutical methods will be soon out of the market place. In the long term however, the economists argue that these methods can prevail alongside the newly developed technologies.

Johnson and Johnson SWOT

The company offers a wide range of innovation and diverse products. The current position is Increase global presence by expanding globally through the joint ventures and acquisitions. The effective distribution channel of the company is responsible for the timely provision of its products and it can enhance its sale to earn more revenue from its different business expeditions.

It takes advantage of on emerging markets which enables further growth opportunities. The long term reputation was harmed by this incident. Financial economic recovery will boost the income of consumers which will ultimately increase the company revenues.

This makes an increase of 5. The firm declared dividends for its shareholders quarterly since and the dividends have been increasing every year for the last 42 consecutive years. These products are distributed directly to retailers, wholesalers and health care professionals for prescription use.

The brand has maintained its different departments to create innovation in its products and these products are prepared after extensive study in the research field.

The innovative and unique products of the company needed to be introduced to its potential clients. The company plans to continue this broadening through It is a years old healthcare company.

Marketing Plan of Johnson & Johnson

Diversified product Portfolio — Well diversified portfolio gives extra benefits to stabilize the earning.Johnson & Johnson: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats One of the best ways to develop a picture of any company is with the SWOT analysis -- a look at a company's strengths.

Here is the SWOT analysis of Johnson and Johnson which is one of the strongest brand names when it concerns baby products. From pharmaceutical products to Consumer healthcare products, J & J is operating in three segments: Consumer Products, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices.

In the consumer segment, the products of baby care, skin care, oral care, nutritionals, wound care, over to the counter pharmaceutical and women health fields are included.

Johnson & Johnson SWOT Analysis. Johnson and Johnson Company Analysis. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, SWOT Analysis. Company Analysis. For this brand baby care market is growing at 8% per annum.

Johnson and Johnson is the 2nd largest player in Dabur India Ltd with Kimberly-Clark Corporation in third place. Main Product Line – they have the most popular products in their portfolio consisting of baby care products, beauty products, clean and clear, and Johnson’s adult.

Financial Strengths – It has a strong capabilities of financing all of its operations. Strengths in the SWOT analysis of Johnson & Johnson.

The following are the strengths of Johnson’s Baby Products are: Successful diversification: Johnson & Johnson identified a market in baby care and through a successful set of products diversified into that market. Today the company has products that cater to all needs of babies right.

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Johnson and johnson baby care swot
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