Management a science or art essay

The art of managing is a personal creative attribute of the manager, which is more often than not, enriched by education, training, experience. The function of art is to effect change or accomplish goals by deliberate efforts.

But a modern manager can do better by using the knowledge, methods, concepts, theories, etc. It is a continuous, multidisciplinary, dynamic process.

Management studies over the years developed many proved theories for making management more realistic or scientific. Any person having managerial skills, logic, analytical ability and experience can become a manager.

In fact, the art of managing involves the conception of a vision of an orderly whole created from chaotic parts and the communication and achievement of this vision. The former science will have to solve problems and establish principles which might be applied with benefit to the later art.

In management also there are changes that keep occuring depending on the new and improvised versions of fact and analysis of data so as to enable better forecasting of business. Whereas in management there is no centralized authoritative body to govern or make rules.

The salient characteristics of management that flow from above definitions are: It deals with decision and control of business activities. In this sense, management is an art as well. He thinks outside the box and creates things extraordinary.

It is crucial to know practical application of theoretical principles. Management is managing oneself hence, each one has in himself just that a few people are able to exhibit it better hence they can take control of the situation.

Short Essay on Management! The probability factor in management is very similar as it is in social science. Discovery of new knowledge and phenomena can always change any principle irrespective of its standing and respect.

Getting work done through people is an art of management but a systematic knowledge brings about competence. Performance as an aspect of Management: Management is art, science and profession Essay Sample Q1.

Managers who attempt to manage without management science have to trust their intuition or luck at their peril rather than their expertise or skill.

The inclusion of the human element in managing makes this discipline not only complex but also debatable as a pure science. They may undergo revision and change under new sociopolitical and economic circumstances.

Same is the case with an executive without the knowledge of the principles of management. The formula for success lies in implementing unique marketing strategy such as to attract the customers hence creating a need for the product. This aspect of probability makes management as a social science.

Similarly, management requires observation and sets standard or principles according to it. It raises the question is management is an art or science or both.

Management is art, science and profession Essay Sample

As art needs inputs from other areas so does management. Management is a Science as well as Art Science teaches us to know while art teaches us to do. Art is reflected from the practical application of theoretical knowledge.

Management is managing oneself. Like any other art, management is also creative in nature. The organization or a company is considered as a separate entity or an individual.

Each aspect or the specialized area of management like marketing, finance, or human resource has separate governing bodieslike the National institute of Personnel management, or IIPM ie International Institute of Production managementNIS National Institute of sales etc.

Science is a systematized body of knowledge. Management principles are important not for the sake of knowledge alone but also for their application in concrete situations.

Human behaviours cannot be predicted so precisely. The process of management is put on action to achieve concrete results — profits, service etc.Read this essay on Management as an Art and Science.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Science is defined as a body of knowledge systematized through application of scientific method in any department of enquiry.

Thus, chemistry as a science refers to a systematic body of knowledge accumulated through application of scientific methods in this area.

Management: Short Essay on Management

Science is systematic in the sense that certain relationships, principles and their. Is Management Really an Art? of the central role of imagination and individual performance in the management art, the subject of management as an academic discipline would become mere.

This essay focuses on the studies that have been conducted on the nature of management, and its purpose is to reveal if management is an art, a science, or a combination of them, in relation to whether management could be described as a.

One of the enduring questions in the field of management is whether it is an art or a science. In order to be able discuss whether management is an art or a science we need to define what ‘management’, ‘art’ and ‘science’ are.

Management: Short Essay on Management! Management, unlike other subjects such as economics, philosophy, political science is of a recent origin and hence, a relatively new subject. Being an evolving concept (George ), it is still in its developing stage. So far as the meaning of management is.

Management a science or art essay
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