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Conflicts arise when a decision must be made between economics and research development. The motives of the federal government and NASA are also uncertain. They were concerned that it was too cold of a day for the Shuttle to blastoff safely.

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Lacking continuous funding, the businesses in charge of the space program will surely go bankrupt. This is based on the economic principles such as the theory of pure competition.

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Wuller demonstrates an attitude puts no concentration upon who would be most suitable to control a crucial part of the space program. Outer space research paper with that theory, privatization could lead to commercialization. Once NASA waited enough time to look over the proposals, they accepted the one from USA, an organization that was not officially in existence yet.

The space program will be changed from a "governmental function toward a commercial enterprise" [4]. Theory states that when many businesses sell a standardized good, the competition between them drives the market prices of that good down [2].

During the Nixon administration, major safety features, including an emergency escape system, were omitted from spacecraft designs as they seemed to be too expensive. Hotels and tourist attractions will appear, and along with them, the garbage that the tourists leave behind [8].

Some take this incident as a sign that NASA is moving too quickly toward privatization.

Already, in the earliest stages of privatization, we have seen the potential for disaster in the Atlantis incident. Below is a list of some topics that fall within the scope of inquiry specific to astronomy topics. This list only is a small sampling of the many directions in which a student could go for their exploration of an astronomy related topic.

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The author of this article says that it is a shame that the devastating Challenger accident had to bring the cold reality to the hopeless romantics of the space dream. NASA decisions have been determined by politics and corrupt forces before; it is a definite possibility that the movement toward privatization is another one of these cases.

Ptolemy, Aristotle, Copernicus and Galileo. One article suggests that space be used as a mausoleum.

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In this way, they hope to attract other businesses and customers to the competitive market that will be created under privatization. In another perspective, there is no guarantee that the businesses given control of the space program will be able to survive.

The skeptics, on the other hand, have much reason to doubt the good of privatization. A more serious result of commercialization is the nonchalance that might develop toward the seriousness of space travel.

It argues CIL development based on subsequent mining would allow global north states to asymmetrically shape international law, infringing upon the anti-imperial policy. Enjoy free essays, examples of research papers, sample term papers, free dissertation samples and paper writing tips for all students.Outer Space By: Gabbie Sanchez SCI Research Paper Search of Extraterrestrial Life Team Paper The earth has been a harbor of life that dates back for many years, like a mother carrying a baby in her womb, like that mother the Earth provides us with protection from the worlds.

Space Topics In our space topics section, you can see a short history of the spacecraft humans have sent beyond Earth, and get involved in the ever-growing amateur space imaging community.

Mission Index. Free outer space papers, essays, and research papers. Apr 16,  · Research Paper on Space Exploration Introduction The United States federal government is ultimately responsible for the annual budget allotted to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for space exploration and research.

Research Topics List JPL's charter is to conduct robotic space missions for NASA, to explore our own and neighboring planetary systems, understand the origin and evolution of the universe and make critical measurements to understand our.

Life in outer space The universe contains billions of galaxies and each galaxy contains billions of stars, and a fraction of those stars contain Earth like/5(1).

Outer space research paper
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