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Knowing your limits and not being afraid to turn down potentially stress-inducing extra tasks is vital to maintaining a healthy balance. But at the same time, even other problems causing stress like alcohol, relationship problem, and easy accessibility to a firearm are the major reasons that contribute to a great level to crime, corruption and suicide levels among police officials, but it is the police customs that ignore these facts and do not accept the problem and think of it as a dishonor to the individual and to the profession on the Stress in law enforcement essay.

Other stressors in police work include: Not all officers have the same mentality and personality. Tell us what you need to have done now! Wanting to protect people is a noble goal, but shouldering that responsibility can be a source of great strain to some.

Most public opinion surveys, however, show strong support for and positive attitudes toward police. In a previous study, suicide rates were three times higher in police than in other municipal workers, Violanti found.

Trauma The experience termed as trauma holds very little resemblance to stress, yet the two words are continually grouped together with the thought that they represent the same symptoms and causes.

With this prevention in mind, beyond the background checks and other devices which indicate prior behavior, psychological analysis tools have been developed which can also show potential behavior trends, thereby allowing for the aversion of problems before they occur- namely, the hiring of domestic offenders as police officers Henry, The important thing to remember is that stress happens, whereas Stress in law enforcement essay happens to you.

Researchers Investigate Impact of Stress on Police Officers' Physical and Mental Health

For those individuals in law enforcement, however, who generally entered into their careers as physically and mentally "strong," highly idealistic, and caring people, PTSD is often quite baffling.

For the new police officer, who strives to be a respected professional and build a solid career, this false generalization can lead them into despair, accompanied by such behaviors as the abuse of alcohol.

Insomnia and Restlessness The continue effects of stress on the body can cause changes to sleeping patterns. But this stress can cause damage when the individual facing it cannot handle it at that moment. Further stress arises from perceived lack of support and negative attitudes toward police from the larger society.

Stress happens to a person at varying levels, and some low-level stress can actually be a positive thing. These programs have expanded into a broad range of responses to police stress.

Symptoms of Police Stress Working in an occupation that poses such a high risk of stress-related problems, individuals that work in the police force can show a number of varied and differing physical symptomsas well as behavioral changes. Turf battles among agencies, court decisions curtailing discretion, perceived leniency of the courts, and release of offenders on bail, probation, or parole also lead to stress.

D C Author, pp.


They are more likely to face disapproval from fellow officers and from family and friends for entering police work. The danger and the tension they face in their field to be their cause for stress but this is not true as the most familiar tension or stress faced by these individuals is usually related to the policies and procedures of the various law enforcement agencies itself.

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Finally, think about what it would be like to have made an error on the job and be criticized or worse, face investigation, disciplinary action or criminal prosecution. You better be typing a long ass essay to me or sending the longest vn ever.

The police officer has to make split second decisions, regarding not only their own life and death, but the lives and deaths of countless civilians on a daily basis. Law enforcement is a profession where the danger level and stress potential of traumatic events remain fairly high on any given day.

But in certain other jobs, like that of a police officer such a situation would be of great importance. The constant worry that their children might find and misuse it is often the primary concern. Law enforcement personnel must come to admit that they, too, are "normal" human beings who react in "normal" ways to exposure to abnormal events that make up their job environment.

PTSD does not only affect police officers. It is not uncommon for police officers experiencing high levels of stress to cite the thought of keeping a weapon within their family home as a contributing factor. This is due to the typical portrayal of police officers in the media, in movies and books as corrupt individuals whose aim is to hurt rather than help civilians Ray, Negative stress can be managed through a number of different methods.

Essay on biodiesel abstract of any research paper. Therefore, perhaps the best way to define stress is that it is a combination of human interaction, environment, and life events, working in combination, to create the feeling of worry, anger, depression, and the like in individuals.

Working alone at night without the support of immediate backup can be stressful," he said. The inaccessibility and perceived ineffectiveness of social service and rehabilitation agencies to whom officers refer individuals act as further stressors.

It may be a challenge to teach them that there are forces out there that can and do erode their defenses and their sense of invulnerability over time, causing them to need help and care for themselves.- Law Enforcement Officers and Their Families The law enforcement officers who protect and serve the local communities have and live stressful lives.

How stressful is the occupation of a law enforcement officer in their job and in. Law enforcement research papers stress. September 16, ; robeson actor singer political activist essays essay writing football match research paper essay conclusion business law research paper usa essay writing sentence starters nyc.

genuine essay writing companies. Studying Stress among Law Enforcement Officers Words | 10 Pages. employee of a law enforcement organization, be it a local, regional, or state police force; a federal law agency, or a more specific correctional facility or other law enforcement organization.

Law enforcement officers recognize that stress is part of the profession and working conditions. In the past, police culture did not recognize stress as a problem affecting their officers. However, there is now plenty of evidence and research showing that unmanaged stress can lead to anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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Stress in law enforcement

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