Television remote control by hand gesture

Raise your hand and the volume increases. Some Final Tweaks To make the circuit smaller, we used a soldered circuit instead of a breadboard. The video below provides an introduction to Onecue.

Samsung Smart Interaction: Hands-on with voice and gesture control

Until Samsung adds audio device control and more commands "fast forward" and "second skip" for DVRs comes to mindvoice and gesture control of external devices is basically a no-show. Smart Interaction does make a fun demo, especially when it misinterprets your speech.

And most home theater enthusiasts -- you know, the people likely to be able to afford the hefty step-up premium Samsung is charging for this feature -- have their universal remotes planted firmly in- or close at-hand when watching TV.

If a user holds a finger to their lips then sound is muted on an audio device, for example, while holding up a hand, closing and reopening it allows users to select items on-screen. We merged the two basic code examples, sending IR raw codes on the one hand, and sensing the different gestures on the other.

All of these issues combined to make using voice for all but the most basic commands pretty frustrating. This signal wakes up the Arduino through its interrupt pin.

TV Control With Hand Gestures

Reducing Power Consumption Another issue we dealt with in this project was the power consumption. You can use your hand, or your drink, or — in a pinch — your pet.

Moreover, the commands for cable and satellite boxes are exceedingly basic -- just channel changes and power. I wish it had a mic, too, since it really helped accuracy during voice commands.

Scientists develop TV gesture control system

It also works with home automation devices, though, like Nest and Philips Hue. The slick-looking touchpad remote has a built-in mic to improve voice control.

The system would almost invariably misinterpret the number I said for direct channel access; "" whether I said "two, oh, oh" or "two, zero, zero" or "two hundred" became something different seemingly every time.

Rapidly saying "volume up" caused the system to misinterpret me, launching "Skype" or "My mirror," for example. If you deign to employ your thumb, the Touch remote works with the blaster to enable significantly more functionality, for example menu access.

Actor Tom Cruise uses arm and hand gestures to manipulate screen images. Matchpoint could also prove useful for anyone with a disability that prevents the use of a traditional remote control.End for the TV remote?

Gesture control system lets users change channels with a wave of their hand Matchpoint gesture control system was developed at Lancaster University.

Gesture control for your TV. Liz Upton; 12th May ; 13 Comments; Ever wanted to control your TV using gestures instead of a remote control?

In this project, I use the Raspberry Pi and Skywriter HAT to convert gestures to infrared signals capable of controlling the TV.

Hand gesture TV could kill off remote control

Have feedback on this project? Onecue allows users to control a variety of home devices with simple hand gestures View gallery - 8 images One problem with the number of living room gadgets available now is the number of remote.

The days of hunting for the remote control down the back of the sofa could be numbered after scientists unveiled a television that responds to a viewer’s hand movements.

Onecue replaces all your remote controls with hand gestures

Gesture-Recognition System Can Transform Just About Anything Into a TV Remote The Matchpoint system allows a user to control volume and playback functions with a coffee cup, a hand gesture, or a.

Apr 09,  · Samsung Smart Interaction: Hands-on with voice and gesture control by holding a hand up in front of the TV, which usually worked under brighter lighting but wasn't tolerant of shadows.

Television remote control by hand gesture
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