The body shop market share in malaysia

TBS has range of customers including women and a small portion of men from middle to upper class. Meanwhile, TBS also sell the different products in different places. This company is well-known in the cosmetics industry and become a strong competitor.

Another competitor is Maybelline New York, despite not being an obvious threat to TBS the brand is starting to promote itself as being against animal testing and emphasizing on environmental protection. The other keys to success for TBS are applying the 5 company core values which are against animal testing, support community trade, activated self-esteem, defend human rights, and protect our planet.

The Body Shop possesses good information about the market and knows the good attributes of the customer.

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From the early stage of survival in the market, TBS only concerned on women beauty product. They always have a consistency in producing ecological and environmental-friendly body and cosmetics products. As TBS is a well-established brand with a long history and people trust its products, new competitors are struggling to enter the market.


Their main target audience is year old women. That is why the entry barrier always does exist. Such as sports products, men who like sport would like to take a comfortable bath.

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The products are exclusively based on natural ingredients. However, the large niche business that once grew rapidly now finds itself in a critical moment.

TBS was built with the belief of the businesses have the power to do good. They consist mainly of people who buy organic products and are supporting many causes e.

Due to this wide range of ages for both women and men, the product segmentation is also varying. Surprisingly, in recent years TBS started to focus on men products.

Talking about Market Segmentation, TBS always tries to understand their customer and differ the target market to specify the product. While Lush and Yves Rocher both sell their products in their own shops across Switzerland, Aveda sells their products in the common retail trade and in their own Aveda Spa Salons.

They are manufactured according to strict ethical codes, which are opposed to animal testing.

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Though the opportunity of the new entrant comes, TBS has unique value that the others cannot easily imitate. Another example is, due to the dry weather in the south of China, so TBS sold some moisture products such as skin lotion and shower liquid.

The result was found that man skin care has a large market. This information will be leveraged to better understand on who is served, what their specific needs are, and how The Body Shop can communicate better with them.

They always focus on their quality of life. Many competitors seem much more responsive and more willing to take risks in both product development as well as with customer experience. Not only the women keep their skin carefully, also the men would buy some skin care products.

Therefore, the keys to success are dedicating the business to the pursuit of social and environmental change.Jun 14,  · The Body Shop - Market Segmentation and Competition The Body Shop is considered to be one of the biggest around the globe, in the cosmetics industry.

They always have a consistency in producing ecological and environmental-friendly body and cosmetics products. Alongside its strong body care expertise, the brand boasts a very extensive skincare range with strong franchises, such as Tea Tree and Drops of Youth™. Its service philosophy ensures its diverse, global customer base benefits from superior in-store experience and customised consultations.

Marketing analysis Body Shop 41, views. Share; Like; Download Goncalves Chloe, Etudiante à Dauphine High Body Shop market segmentation Health/appearence Impact Low Price range Quality/effectivene s Brand awareness Social aspects (trendy, fair trade etc.) Economic aspects (biodegradable, protect nature etc.) Female costumer.

Product Lines from The Body Shop Malaysia for Every Skin Type. Nowadays, people are changing their face care preferences to products that leave minimal footprints and are anti animal cruelty. The Body Shop Malaysia offers an array of products that are vegan, organic, and the best part is that they are completely against animal testing.

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The body shop market share in malaysia
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