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Dozens died standing up in the railroad cars, as the cars were so cramped that there was no room for the dead to fall. American trucks were available to transport the prisoners but the Japanese decided to march the Defenders of Bataan to their destinations.

Many died from diseases they had The death march essay Bataan.

This would buy the needed time to rebuild the American Pacific Fleet. Most of the ammunition as old and corroded. Towards the end of the war, most of the men who stayed behind were placed on ships and sent to other camps, in Japan, Korea, and China.

Many of their ailments, due to malnutrition, went undiagnosed. Only 54, made it to camp. Please select one of the following: Several thousand men died on the "Death March". Thousands of Americans, who were passengers on these ships, met their deaths by drowning at sea.

The Japanese did not mark these ships, to note that there were prisoners on board. Diseases such as dysentery, from a lack of safe drinking water, and Beri-Beri, from malnutrition were common to the POWs.

They in-turn were sent to Cabanatuan on July 5, As mentioned earlier, the Japanese did not mark these ships as being prison ships, so they were targets for American planes and submarines. The Filipino-American forces mission was to "lay down a bunt. Japanese soldiers killed many of them through various means.

The Filipino-American soldiers were assembled in various parts in Bataan by the Japanese, but mostly assembled in Mariveles, the southern most tip of the Peninsula.

On December 8,Japan launched an aerial attack on the Philippines. Most prisoners who left Cabanatuan inwere sent to the other countries mentioned, in ships appropriately called, "Hell Ships".

Some worked in mines, others in farms, others in factories, and others unloading ships in Port Areas, for the remainder of the war. Once on the march, they were not given any food or water.

At San Fernando, the prisoners were placed into train-cars, made for cargo, and railed to Capas, Tarlac, a distance of around 24 miles. Cabanatuan was the camp in which the men from Corregidor were first united with the men from Bataan.

Many caught new diseases while at the Camp. Their inadequate diets also contributed to the high death rate. Many of the systemic fevers they had contracted went undiagnosed.

The prisoners were forced to march 55 miles, on the way there they were beaten with sticks, kicked, and badly abused. Many died, because they were not in any physical condition to undertake such a march. For the remaining three years of their captivity, the Defenders of Bataan were spread throughout the various slave labor camps in Japan, Korea, China, and the Philippines, until each camp was individually liberated, in Just one day after the surrender, the Imperial Army started forcing the Americans to march a brutal 65 mile trek that would later live in infamy as the Bataan Death March.

[ 15 ] The Japanese were transporting the American troops to. The Bataan Death March started on April 11, It was a result of over 70, American and Filipino soldiers surrendering to the Japanese on April 9.

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Free Essay: Unfortunately tyranny and oppression has many examples in of the worst ones is the Nazis from the Second World War.

The Nazi death. The Bataan Death March is one of these overshadowed events. The Bataan Death March began on April 15, after American forces surrendered at the Battle of Bataan on April 9, in the Philippines.

March: The Reader and Geraldine Brooks Essay example. In the beginning of the novel March, by Geraldine Brooks, Mr. March is very descriptive and uses gruesome depictions to describe the war.

At one point of the war when did not know what to do, he "called for bearers to carry off the wounded men.

The death march essay
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