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Knowing this ahead of time will help you plan the preceding steps in the research process to ensure that you complete them in a timely manner.

Senior Honors Thesis Registration The senior honors thesis is a year-long course. Further Information and Writing Support Students are highly encouraged to visit the following links for extensive support in planning and writing their senior honors thesis: Restrictions on field of study vary by country, but there are many opportunities to do research in the field of international relations.

Directors must be full-time members of the English Department and are normally professors with whom the student has already completed coursework in the area to be covered by the honors thesis.

Tufts University will not make any alteration, other than as allowed by this license, to your submission.


Senior Thesis Honors Program as. Senior Honors Thesis In their senior year, English majors may apply to write an honors thesis.

There will be meetings during the academic year. Fulbright Program Each year, the Fulbright-Hays Program provides one-year foreign study and research grants for nearly U.

Professor Charles Inouye, former Dean of Colleges, has developed several useful resources for students, as has Professor Jeanne Penvenne in History pdfs: The thesis director will then submit it for review to the full-time members of the Department of English for a vote. Please be sure to verify your registration on SIS and that there is no course overload for either semester.

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Senior Thesis The senior honors thesis is an interdisciplinary project culminating in a report, essay or performance that demonstrates exceptional undergraduate achievement.

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Is supervised and approved by a committee of two Tufts professors. You retain all other ownership rights to the copyright of your submission including the right to use in future works.

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For university procedures on the senior honors thesis, read the. The Dean of Undergraduate Education oversees senior honors theses at a university-wide level. Complete and submit a signed "Senior Honors Thesis Form" available in the English Department Main Office to the English Department Administration within a week of eceiving notification of project approval.

Students are expected to have done prior course work or other research in the proposed field, to have demonstrated an ability to sustain an extended independent project, and to present a detailed and seriously thought-out proposal. Visit the IR web site to learn about writing a senior honors thesis in IR.Undergraduate Program Majors: Senior Honors Thesis.

In their senior year, English majors may apply to write an honors thesis. An honors thesis, as opposed to an independent study, represents an advanced level of work in an area that students have already studied as part of their major. A senior honors thesis is a year-long capstone experience for Tufts seniors who have met certain qualifications in liberal arts or engineering.

Senior Honors Thesis. If you are a junior, with a minimum of GPA and have enjoyed writing a research paper in one of your economics classes, this might be the right thing for you.

There is no practical difference between a Senior Honors Thesis and a Senior Project. However, only FMS majors who have been on the Dean’s List at least twice and have a GPA of at least are eligible to do a Senior Honor Thesis, and successful completion of the Senior Honors Thesis qualifies students for honors.

The Thesis Honors Program allows Tufts seniors to pursue a year-long independent program of study, to delve into a focused area of research within your major, and to produce an outcome that demonstrates exceptional undergraduate achievement. The senior honors thesis is a capstone experience for undergraduates in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree program.

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Please contact the department of your major for specific information regarding writing your honors thesis. Digital Collections and Archives maintains a copy of all honors theses that are submitted to the archives. View a list of Senior Honors Theses that are currently available in the Tufts Digital Collection and.

Tufts english senior honors thesis
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