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Knowledge of product and service: Secondly, I am going to explain on how an organisation can make improvements to customer service for customers. Some people decided to open their own store in the high street and some of them decided to open their business online.

Online websites offer massive discounts. Your session will end in minutes Ok. Hire someone who will play the role as a "mystery shopper" and the send that person to visit the shop of your competitors to experience their customer service.

Handling these customers is a challenge as they are not particularly looking for a product and want the supplier to display. In this way you can get new ideas that you can apply to your business to improve your customer service.

Therefore, when it comes to customer service, loyal customers always expect the friendliness of the staffs and their patient to help them choose products that they are looking for.

This can be done in many ways. The benefits that you and your Unit 11 customer relations may receive from delivering high standard of customer are: Positive attitude is very important because it has influences on others. The most important thing is that the business should always monitor and evaluate the products that they sell, update information through online websites, return policy and more.

In this way teachers and managers will help them identify if students are happy and if they are receiving a good teaching service.

Always be practical- provide them discounts to encourage them to help you to identify what you could do better for your company. In Life, cookies are used to: Any customers complaints will be noted in a log book. Staffs behavior is very important, they should not bring their personal problem at work.

You do not need to wait in a long queue and waste your time. Meeting specific customer needs: Cookies may also be used by third party companies whose content you embed into Life e.

This is also the the best specific target for the clothing business because they are willing to spend high amount of money just to get what they want to buy. Loyal customers have a lot of expectations and needs from the company because they are repeating business with you and your business.

Focus on these types of customers is also important as they also promote distinguished part of profit into business.

I am going to choose 1 business to be able to explain more on how to monitor and evaluate customer service. Each business has different way on how they promote or on how they introduce their products to customers.

Motivate the staff by setting up customer service awards. Discount customers are also frequent visitors but they are only a part of business when offered with discounts on regular products and brands or they buy only low cost products. Information on how to do this can be found within the Help function of your browser, or you may wish to visit www.

Customer Relations in Business P1: Complaints and compliment letters: In this chapter of assignment I am going to demonstrate presentation, communication and interpersonal skills in different customer service situation.2.

Discount Customers: Discount customers are also frequent visitors but they are only a part of business when offered with discounts on regular products and brands or they buy only low cost products.

More is the discount the more they tend towards buying. These customers are mostly related to small industries or the industries that focus on low or marginal investments on products. You are here: Sir William Stanier; Business Studies; BTEC Business Studies; Unit Customer Relations in Business.

Unit 1: Introduction to Customer Relations Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Unit 11 Customer Relations in Business Please find below the Unit 11 Checklist. I strongly advise you check your work against this before you receive feedback and make any.

UNIT Customer Relations in Business Assignment title Customer types and their needs and expectations.

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Unit 11 customer relations
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