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VI BEFORE a mob of this sort, the Latin dramatist sought especially writing a situation comedy the office make his plot clear, and he was afraid of no reiteration to avoid misunderstanding. The mask was probably a pasteboard head not unlike those now seen in our comic pantomimes; and a great variety of them had been modeled for use in comedy, each of which served to declare at once the character of the wearer and to announce on his first appearance whether, for instance, he was a dutiful young man or a wanton prodigal.

The comic dramatist became cautious and hesitating, and he was forced to seek his theme in private life and not in public affairs.

The audience which the Latin dramatist had to try to please was the roughest and most stubborn of any known to the history of the theater. His prevailing tone, as Professor Jebb notes, is "that of polite conversation, not without passages of tender sentiment, grave thought, or almost tragic pathos.

She was looking at photographs of people stranded in their homes in North Carolina, waiting for help to arrive. Some of these passages were declaimed to this accompaniment, thus resembling the recitative of modern opera; and some were actually sung to set tunes.

The imaginative exuberance of Aristophanes displayed itself not in any form fairly to be called comedy, but rather in what may be described as lyrical-burlesque. Nor was this the sole disadvantage under which Latin comedy labored, for the circumstances of its performances were also disastrous.

He also adds that the origins of comedy are obscure because it was not treated seriously from its inception. Aeacus further declares that as Dionysus is the patron of tragedy, Pluto intends to let the newcomer decide the dispute.

They took this in good grace. I go to the church where my wife and I were married twenty-three years ago in New York City. Satisfactory as the definition seems on the whole, and useful as it is in aiding us to perceive clearly the true limitations of comedy, we must not insist upon applying it too severely or we shall find that we have erased from the list of the writers of comedy the names of two of the greatest masters of stage-humor, Shakespeare and Aristophanesfrom neither of whom have we a single comic play the action of which is caused solely by the clash of character on character.

Tragedy is the truest mimesis, followed by epic poetry, comedy, and lyric poetry. It contained chiefly men of the lower orders--and very few of these were natives, for the Roman was serving abroad as a soldier or settled as a colonist, while his city was filled with a riffraff of rustics and strangers, uncouth barbarians many of them, prisoners of war, and freedmen, ignorant and brutal, knowing just enough Latin to make it serve as a lingua franca.

Personalities were prohibited and satire was pruned. Probably, moreover, the Athenian of old was no more annoyed by the facial rigidity of the masked characters than our children today are disturbed by the unchanging countenance of Mr. And when the two are together again the orchestra thereafter is supposed to represent Hades, the under world.

Comedy is the third form of literature, being the most divorced from a true mimesis. There was coffee and ice cream afterward and extensive commingling, a beautiful Sunday on the shore.

For this perilous journey he had disguised himself as Heracles, and has come to get the advice of that hero himself. The native comic drama that had proved its power to please the populace did not die of this neglect,--indeed, it seems to have had a sturdy vitality; but it was deprived of the chance of artistic development, and no specimens of it have been preserved.

In Greek comedy, therefore, women are little seen, and those who do appear belong to the less respectable classes. Brown floodwater up to the floorboards, woman in a chair, man in the doorway, waiting. When the parabasis is concluded, Aeacus and Xanthias return, having fraternized as fellow-servants, delighting to spy on their masters.

Then in time this inchoate medley of ribald song and phallic dance and abusive repartee would come to feel the influence of the other dramatic species, the origin of which was quite as humble; it would come to feel the influence of tragedy as this had been organized at last with its chorus and its three actors.

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It gave up the parabasis, always an undramatic excrescence; and it surrendered the chorus, thus abandoning at once the ballet and the opera. This was indeed the fatal defect of the Latin drama,--that the Romans were satisfied with a colonial attitude in all matters of art.

Although in theory Roman comedy was only Greek comedy written in Latin, and although Roman comedy was therefore supposed to deal with Athenian life and manners, as a matter of fact the Latin dramatists managed to get into their plays not a little of the local color of their own city.

And this is what happened in time, although Greek comedy, when taken over by the authorities, was apparently far less advanced and far more archaic than Greek tragedy had been when first officially regulated.

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Writing a situation comedy the office
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